Thursday, December 2, 2010


Our internet is on the fritz so this will be short and photo free, but I just wanted to give a quick update to our goings on.

Baby boy is still safely inside my belly. We are glad for that.

We still have no carpet upstairs, but the wood floors should be all done tomorrow.

Trav and Avery both have gross coughs and I am really starting to wonder about our immune systems. Better now then after baby is here I guess.

I turned 30 yesterday, which I admit I would be feeling a bit conflicted about, but I don't have time. Midlife crises will have to wait till next year.

Thanks for all the well-wishes and concern! We'll keep you posted!


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  2. Forgot to mention when we talked, I am bringing your present when I come birthday girl. OX, Mom

  3. thanks for the update. i've been checking every day and thinking of you. i have retold your story several times. you should send a link to your post to the lower lights peeps.

    can't wait to meet that little boy of yours.

  4. Hey! Happy Birthday! That's exciting that things are coming along in your house. As far as the colds go, I feel like as long as there are kids in the house, someone will have a cold! I hope they start to feel better.

    P.S. I can't imagine a more perfect Christmas present than a brand new baby! Some people have conflicts about December birthdays, but I think they are wonderful!

  5. I am wondering Danielle if all the new product off-gassing could be creating a situation where it is easier to get sick.

    When they put in the new carpet try to really air out the house. Carpet gives off a lot of chemicals in the first few days.

    Glad baby is doing well. Rest up. Seriously.

    And 30 is a great age. It is the wise young.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday, Danielle!

    Just waiting for news of the baby!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY...i just turned 30 as well last month. I sort of had that, shit i'm 30 ah ha moment, then it passed and became somewhat of a normal day.

    But none the less, big day! Enjoy.


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