Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy (Mother's/Birth) Day!

Well it just so happens that my dad's birthday falls on Mother's Day this year and since I was pregnant and vomiting a lot last year around this time, I sort of dropped the ball in doing anything for either one of them or Trav's parents either.

They understood because they are our parents and they have to.

So this year I had big plans to try to do something thoughtful. I got my kids all dressed up in coordinating outfits, waited for good afternoon light, and attempted to take some photos of their only grandchildren to send them.

Oh goodness! There was crying, drooling, pulling bows out of hair, nearly dropping the baby on the ground, and lots of laughter. I literally told Avery I would give her anything she wanted if she would just hold still and smile. Turns out its hard to bribe a 3-year-old who already basically gets anything she wants.

So Happy Mother's Day mom and Colleen, Happy Birthday dad! I love you all. Thanks for being our parents.

Some slightly out of focus, and possibly goofy photos are coming your way.

Late as usual.

(next year we'll send flowers)

love you.


  1. Thanks baby girl! I love photos. That's always what I want. I love you.

  2. haaaa, i'm dying over this picture. priceless. happy mother's day to you too! give your babies a kiss for me, especially that drooly one.

  3. I would rather have a drooly baby picture than flowers any day! So cute!

  4. i looove that photo! oliver makes drool look cute.

  5. That shot of Oliver is priceless! Love that drool,perfect timing. My goodness he looks like your dad's baby pictures.ox, mom

  6. Your dad has a great birth date! Mine is May 8th as well! :o) My very 1st Mother's Day as a mother happened to fall on my birthday that year. Pretty cool!


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