Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pretty Boy

This outfit is special to us because it was made for my husband by his great grandmother (his mom's grandmother), which means Ollie's great great grandmother. I really treasure handmade things like this and am grateful Trav's mom let us use it.

When this lad was born a doting old nurse proclaimed, "He's too pretty to be a boy!"

Which seemed utterly ridiculous, because to me he looks like such a boy.

But boyish as he seems to me, he's been mistaken for a girl several times in his young life -- even when he is wearing really boyish looking clothes. I am always a little shocked by it.

But...Rosy red cheeks, pink pouty lips, and big blue eyes...yeah, I guess I can see it. Maybe the bonnet doesn't help either?

Also thanks everyone for your sweet comments and advice about motherhood. I really do appreciate it. I know you all have busy lives and writing those notes takes time! I sort of laugh at myself after writing posts like that because they are generally in the midst of a crisis, and I often later think, "Why did I post that?" It may have been a rather desperate cry for help, but I am glad I did because I read those little notes all day as I dealt with a lot of screaming and sometimes through my own tired tears, and felt bolstered.

Oh I am so dramatic!

Anyway, thanks for being here and thanks for your notes!



  1. What an adorable outfit and even MORE adorable baby! It's nice to have someplace to vent sometimes. That's why we're here! :)((HUGS))

  2. he looks so boyish to me too! but he sure is handsome! he looks adorable in that outfit too. are his eyes getting more grey or is that just the picture? he looks so different every time i see him.

  3. i'm made speechless by his cherubic visage!

  4. Grandma would have been all over those cheeks (after she had made a beeline for his neck--she was a neck kisser). I can't believe someone I love and miss like yesterday can be three generations removed already.

  5. I love and treasure handmade things too. And he is adorable!

  6. Darling picture! He looks completely different than the picture a few days ago.OX, Mom


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