Wednesday, June 22, 2011


...I take pictures of the dinner I make (only the pretty ones) because its the only proof that I accomplished anything tangible that day. I know I actually accomplish many things (keeping children alive etc.) but boy there are days when I go to bed with the exact same to do list looming as the day before, with not a dent made in it.

I am OK with that, but sometimes its nice to be able to look at something you did. I think that's mostly why I blog. Do you ever feel that way?

How was your Summer Solstice? We had planned on a party (marshmallows+ fire equals a party in our house) under twinkly lights in the backyard but the power in our neighborhood was out most the day, so instead we had dinner out and a trip to Home Depot.

But it was just fun to be all together in the light of the day.


  1. I am inspired by your dinners! They are so beautiful. Can I copy? Or just come to your house to eat?

  2. i want to eat both of those. and did i tell you we're recognizable at home depot now too? david's making shelves.

  3. That steak looks perfectly done,yummy!You are inspiring me to get the pool filled and bbq.ox,Mom

  4. Amen, sistah. I no longer make a 'daily' to-do list, because I've finally accepted the reality that it will take all week to accomplish. And blogging is the only proof I have that I am not a total loser. ;)

    Your dinners look delish. A+

  5. If my dinners looked that great every night....I would take pictures every day!!!

    And I want some photography lessons....your pictures are gorgeous! (I know how hard it is to take pictures of food.)

  6. yum. i really want that meat and corn. i love these long summer days ... your twinkly light + fire party idea sounds magical. and dinner out + home depot sounds very familiar:)

  7. A trip to Home Depot is high up on my list. Love that place.


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