Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Busy About the Business of Summer

Avery has been doing a lot of frolicking in the fields and painting in her jammies.
I have been doing a lot of weeding.
Both our souls are content.

Happy Summer


  1. Oh Danielle, these photos are magical! I'm so glad Avery is still wearing that dress despite the Sharpie mishap with Alex.

  2. i love that first picture! glad it's warming up over there. but i'm not glad that i can't see any traces of arm rolls on avery anymore... sigh.

  3. Vanessa, I am imaging Avery at 15 and cursing out her Auntie Ness for wishing on that dang Genie bottle that she never lost her arm rolls! lol

  4. I miss her already. OX, Mom

  5. The essence of summer! Thanks for the pictures.


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