Monday, June 6, 2011

Visualize Whirled Peas

Was that a popular T-shirt slogan circa 1991 where you grew up also? What about "Love Sees No color"?

(I did grow up in Oregon where a lot of white folks rocked dreadlocks also so....)

I mostly make my own baby food.

Because for starters it makes me feel morally superior-- and also I like knowing what my baby is eating.

This kid is only five months old and normally I wouldn't have introduced solids so early, but boy oh boy, he just wants to eat them. He's been eyeballing us and drooling while we eat for months, and if I am eating while I am nursing him, he quits nursing and just watches me eat while giving me a "Why are you holding out the good stuff on me?" look. Its true.

Avery was always kind of "Meh" about solid food. Quite a dainty eater. Oliver on the other hand gets quite frustrated if he feels the speed with which you are shoveling sweet potatoes into his gullet isn't sufficiently quick.

I mean, we are obviously underfeeding the poor kid.

(By the way, I made this bib using those directions right over there on my sidebar --->. This kid has been know to be put to bed in a pink hand-me-down sleeper a time or two, but I figured he needed his own boyish bib.)

In case you are wondering, here's how I make baby food:

Cook vegetables or fruit (I like baking rather than boiling if possible). Throw them in a food processor for a while and add a tiny bit of water if necessary. Portion into cute little jars (make sure they are freezable jars...they will say so on the box). Put the lids on and toss into freezer.

Or line them up on your counter and photograph them and feel good about yourself as a mother (self-righteousness optional but highly recommended), and also as proof to your husband as to what you actually do all day.

When I am ready to use them I either put them in the fridge to thaw the day before if I remember (which I never do) or thaw them in hot water or the microwave. I prefer to freeze the baby food rather than can it in the traditional way because I think it retains more nutrients that way. Plus this way you can keep re-using the lids.

I totally do.


  1. I think he's rad, too.
    And his mom :)


  2. just a thought: I have frozen baby food in ice cube trays to get smaller portions so that I could serve a number of foods at one meal without having lots of open jars in the 'fridge. of course, when I did this for Juliet, who ate about 2 oz at a meal, it was fine, but Isaac would down two full jars, so...not really any point in that. but for future reference if you have a daintier eater. :-) (I emptied the frozen cubes into freezer bags.)

  3. ps--your baby food looks so tasty and beautiful. i always love your photographs!

  4. Great advice Rachel, thanks! I use 4 oz jars and he seems to have no trouble finishing them off in a timely manner, but maybe once we expand his menu.

  5. haha, morally superior.

    he is growing too fast! you better just have another one. is that too greedy of me since i'm getting my own in 6 weeks?

  6. Oliver looks so grown up and is getting so big!OX, Mom

  7. you're a rad mom for making baby food. i always think i'll do that, but then never "find the time"... maybe for my next baby? most likely not. i'll just keep buying the organic stuff at the store... at least the organic on the label makes me feel better about not making it myself.

    and boy that boy of yours is CUTE!

  8. Just don't do carrots, spinach, radishes or collard greens on your own (I know, I know, you'll have to cut back on those collard greens). In some parts of the country there are more nitrates in the soil and they get into those veggies.

    Can we count this as a well visit?

  9. Great photos. That shirt makes me feel better about my collection of "OLD GUYS RULE" t-shirts. Not to the point of moral superiority, just better.

  10. Don't know the last time you made it to Portland, but I STILL see "Visualize Whirled Peas" bumper stickers around town on occasion. Seriously. That and "I only drink tap water." Gotta love it.

    We plan to start our guy on solids this week, but he's been ready for a while too! He literally grabbed nachos with hot sauce right off my plate. Yikes!

  11. Thank you for this! My husband and I are so excited to make our own baby food (baby is still on the way). What are the best veggies to do? can you do just about anything?

  12. HAHAHA remember this bumper sticker/t-shirt: "Stop the violins"

    what is with Oregonians and their need for plastering their back bumpers with stickers? There are some serious classics out here lately. Of course you can't live in Ashland if you don't drive a prius with an Obama sticker on it. Taylor is thinking of putting a sticker on his Vespa that says "Your prius is a gas hog." haha we think we are so clever...

    Anyway, what was this post about? Oh yeah, baby food. I love you for this post. 1. Homemade baby food is so much more appetizing than the alternative. Sometimes I would open up a Gerber container and smell it and say, "That ain't right..." 2. Your jars are gorge and I love that you're feeding Ollie out of an Anthro bowl. I wouldn't expect anything less.

  13. 1. I love how pretty you make the baby food appeals to the senses so wonderfully.
    2. Yay for making your own baby! It is, after all, "morally superior", lol.
    3.Where did you get his shirt? And, what fabric did you use on his bib?
    4. Your son is a doll!

  14. Haha- just realized my typo on point #2. It's supposed to say "Yay for making your own baby food." But, yay for making your own baby, too. Lol.

  15. I have a 10 month old who would be drooling over your baby food shot. He is an eater!!!! My other two weren't that way...and one is a boy.

  16. Where did you get those jars? They are darling and I need them for my soon to be eating solid food baby.

  17. home made is the best. it balances out the occasional french fry. hehe.

  18. Those photo do make him look like he loves his food. Very sweet.


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