Thursday, June 30, 2011

When Daddy Comes Home

Trav was out of town for several days this past week. I don't love it when he's gone but I try to make the best of it. I let the dishes pile up. We eat dinner whenever and where ever we feel inclined, and I get out all my messiest craft messes and spread them all over the place. I think Avery missed him especially this time around so we decided to have a party when he came home. We chalked the steps (her idea) and then I hung the lights on the sadly neglected Apple tree.

(I am just noticing how posed this looks with all those black and yellow things...totally coincidence that we had a broom, boots and flowers all coordinating sitting right there....funny)

Upon his arrival he took her to get a few groceries so I could have a little rest and she could have him all to herself. He bought her her first Twinkie (which I maybe scolded him for...seriously those things are so bad for you) which she calls a "pinkie" and claims is her favorite treat.

And when the sun had gone down and jammies had been put on, we snugged each babe outside in the warm breezy night and told stories, sang songs and talked about the things we needed to do on the house.

And I thought about how we have almost everything I always wanted already.

Except I think I am going to add, "functioning master bathroom" to that list.

Too much to ask?

Lights here.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Travis! Didn't we have a talk about the Twinkies??

    -Dr. Packer

    (You know I'm serious when I use your full name and pull out the MD)

  3. Sweet scene ...OX, Mom

  4. trav, you're not helping with her food addiction. maybe you need to show him the ice cream hoarding video again!

    i'm so glad it's nice weather for you now, and that little patio furniture set-up looks dreamy!

  5. we totally colored our front steps this week too! except yours looks way prettier... and doesn't have random purple crayon scribbles :)

  6. Love the party and the lights and the colored steps!

  7. I love those lights...and I wish I had a tree big enough to put them in...maybe in ten years.

    Lovely photos as usual.


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