Monday, August 15, 2011

For the Hundredth Time...

"Avery...We only draw on paper!"


  1. Oh Danielle,
    A picture is worth a thousand words!
    Delightful...OX, Mom

  2. ha, that is one good natured boy you have. at least she colored something machine washable? and is moving onto less threatening techniques? i wanna nibble those ears!

  3. Too funny!

    I love the picture also because it is a perfect photo of all of Oliver's soft and sweet kissn' spots. The back of his neck, behind his little ears, etc. Oh, my, it makes me want to scoop that little bundle of love up and snuggle him.

  4. I love how many times parents have to laugh behind their hands!

  5. Ha Ha. Paper, walls, sofas, siblings, everything is fair game to a child armed with a pen!

  6. For the hundredth time I have oohed and awed over this photo. How can the back of someone's head be so absolutely adorable? I need more baby photos. And more little girl photos. And more photos. Too many photos are never enough!!! So I need more!!!! Hint hint.


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