Monday, August 22, 2011

Pink Pajamas

(a scene from this morning)

It was a warm and breezy evening last night and I watched Avery stand on the back porch with her arms wide as she laughed and hurled rocks into the yard. She was stark naked, the way she is 95% of the time. (I should mention that she always starts out the day clothed, but seems to shed it layer by layer as the day goes on). I kind of envy her freedom sometimes. And I love the joyful, boisterous, lively way she moves through the world--wild curls whipping around and the wind and sunshine on her bare skin.

Trav said yesterday that she at least has to wear underpants if she is outside. He's probably right, but I figure she is only 3 once in her life and why stifle her freedom? It will be cold soon so I guess it will sort itself out.

This lad ended up sporting pink piggy pajamas as I found myself in a laundry bind last night and dipped into Avery's outgrown stash. It was bound to happen. Really only a matter of time before he ended up in girls clothes.

Avery pronounces it, "Pa jah mas" and not "Pa jam as" like me. I love that about her.


  1. is that a suntan i see??? i didn't think it was possible. i agree about the nudie-ness but you never know what kinda creep neighbors you might have so undies are prob a good idea. i love ollie in those jammies, pigs are pink that's just science not girlieness... and if it makes you feel better david worries that i'm dressing our baby in boy sweaters. i can't wait to see ollie!

  2. Lucy's been seen (in public!) in Charlie's old duds.... but mostly for jammies. And I think Avery's nakedness will work itself out too. My kids are most often in undies and diapers... wish I could walk around without clothes on! Scary.

    And seeing these pictures I feel like I haven't been to your house in forever! Should I invite myself over for a visit?

  3. charlie has totally worn claire's pjs on multiple occasions! your kids are darling.

  4. Oliver looks adorable in pink. His Uncle Doug also looked adorable in lavender jammies with flowers and ruffles on the shoulders.

  5. Excellent debate point on the pigs Vanessa! LOL

  6. Mom, I was totally going to say what you said about Ryan wearing my old lavender pajamas! (In fact I wrote a comment but then didn't publish it...I was worried Ryan would be embarrassed.) You beat me to it!

    I would like to point out that we have a photo of Ryan wearing the lavender pajamas at about age 4 or, Danielle, don't worry--you have a long way to go before we start thinking it's weird. :)


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