Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Her Own Self

I love this child. I love her spunk and spirit. I love that she is fearless and creative and assumes that any child she should happen upon is her friend, and that she is immediately theirs.

And I love love love, that she is just her own little self. I hope life (or mean kids) doesn't squelch that out of her.

She crawled on all fours with a laundry basket over her (almost the entire time) at the grocery store the other day-- "Because I'm a turtle and its my home".



  1. I am laughing and laughing. I love Avery and her ways too! Love love love! And I love how much she reminds me of her Daddy, who was outgoing and friendly to every person he came across as a child. And pretty much as an adult.

    Anyway, you get the best photos, Danielle!

  2. I love the picture of her with goggles on!!!OX, Mom

  3. I totally did that turtle thing with laundry baskets when I was little...that just made my day :)

  4. LOVE that little girl! Hilarious! And those chalk pics are amazing. You are so talented, Danielle.

  5. Your post just brought a big smile to my face. Your daughter is very pretty and you are a real talented photographer. :)


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