Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I checked out a copy of Carefree Clothes for Girls from the library (did you know you could do that?! It's the best!) when Avery was a baby and fell in love with it. Simple quality fabrics, carefully but casually draped styles, and little flourishes here and there, was just how I wanted to dress my darling daughter. But she was too little for the patterns in it (although most are easily scalable I think) at the time and so I returned it without sewing anything from its lovely pages.

This summer I had big plans to sew her an entire wardrobe from white linen, partly because I had visions of bloomers and rompers in my head and the sickening realization that by next year she might actually be old enough to not want to wear those sorts of things, and partly because it just seemed like a romantic idea.

And so I ordered a copy of the book and several yards of tissue weight linen, and dreamed of all her little things hanging from the clothes line in the summer sun.

As plans like that generally go, this was actually the only thing I got around to sewing-- in September no less. But still its made, and there are a few warm days yet this year.

I am not really an unfinished edges kind of girl. I like my sewing to be neat and tidy, but that is the allure of the clothes in this book. It's that little bit of roughness that make them feel whimsical and well...carefree I guess.

So as I stitched, I fought the urge to make those little imperfections perfect and I repeated to myself, "Carefree...carefree...carefree...".

Liberating I tell you!

Just like this girl.



  1. so darling. i love the braid in her hair too.

  2. ok first... totally darling! I love to hear about your visions. That little shirt would totally be romantic hanging in the sun. and her braid is so pretty! If luc would sit still long enough for me to do that to her hair I'd love it... but then it might be too curly. and I've been trying to braid my hair all with failed results so then I just give up. maybe i need to wait until Lucy's old enough to do it for me!

    no really... when do you want to get together?

  3. aw, i miss that girl! she looks darling, i love that braid. and i love how the shirt turned out. it will totally fit her next year i bet. i wish i could make those patterns for nellie right now!

  4. Adorable and very sweet top. I hope the marker comes out of it!

    Love the last photo. So Avery! I just love her.

  5. Ha! Yes it's washable marker...she did that little artistic number while I was loading the first batch of photos on the computer. That's my little artist. It already washed out though.

  6. Darling pictures!
    The dress and the hair on that baby girl, irresistble...OX, Mom

  7. that is absolutely adorable and I think am going out first thing tomorrow morning to get myself some linen!! I LOVE your blog btw, can't believe I just discovered it. Divine.

  8. I have looked at that book time and time again on Amazon...and almost bought it. I love the idea of all white linen for summer.

    I do all white bedding in my house. I love the look of it..and it's easy to bleach with all the kid stains that go around.

  9. That last photo is so cute! You take amazing photographs!


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