Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of Preschool

(She was able to bring a "security toy" from home which she didn't need in the slightest but I figured all the other kids would have them so she might as well bring one too. This cute dog is from Aunt Nessie.)

One of us might have shed a tear about it...

It wasn't her. She could not have been more excited.

Totally annoyed that I made her stop for photos...but really excited about preschool.

Lots more pictures tomorrow. Time for bed now.


  1. Such a cute girl!
    You loved,loved,loved your first day of preschool! You were so outgoing, happy and content to be there.
    I am so happy Avery is going,another first. OX, Mom

  2. What, she's old enough to go to preschool?! How many days a week does she go? She is growing up way too fast...but obviously you already know this.

    I love how outgoing and unafraid she is. I seem to remember crying on my first day of preschool.

  3. Juliet just left for her first morning half an hour ago. How are they old enough for this?!

  4. How exciting! I bet she will love love love preschool! I am glad you found her a place.

    Can't wait to see more pictures!
    She looks like such a little school girl with her sweater and backpack! Adorable!

  5. um, literally the second that picture came up i started tearing up. ahhh. but she is so ready, and i am so happy that teddy dog got to go with her.

    3 more days til you come!

  6. I still cry every year and my oldest is in 4th grade. My advice is to wear big sunglasses :)


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