Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

It was a wonderful day. Full and fun. And as I look in on my sleeping babes (one tucked right beside me) I am overwhelmed with love and gratitude.

How did I get so lucky?


  1. Loved that, I miss them already.ox,Mom

  2. love those little heads. can't wait to see them!!! i feel the same way about nellie.

    and p.s. i thought you told the guy at the apple store that you didn't need a new phone with new apps because just needed it to make calls ;)

  3. It's hard to beat the cuteness of sleeping babies!

  4. This is the best part of the busy-baby days! I have three little girls and the whole day they're coming around and around and...u know! and when my little angels go to bed, it's such a sentiment to watch and touch them and kiss them in their sleep!
    Their faces so calm, sometimes with a little hidden if they 've flew to heaven and played with other angels too.
    So lovely and peaceful little people!
    I wish you to be proud of them in their whole life!
    God bless u all!!!Love from Greece! (lovely blog!)


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