Tuesday, December 13, 2011


When we moved in to this old house the owner's family left several things. Some were awful (gross old couches) and some were delightful. They didn't leave the old bentwood coat rack I had my eye on, but they did leave this super heavy duty old-school paper cutter.

And now I have the perfect occasion to use it.

Printable gift tags here.

(I searched high and low for the original book the illustrations are from, but when I couldn't find it I further photoshopped the gift tags and printed and framed them...so cute and whimsical for little kiddos.)


  1. these are reallllllly cute. so darling. i want one on my present!

    ok, now no more blogging until after you start sewing and also send me ideas for trav.

    so excited to see you guys!

  2. oh those are adorable! i love those old school paper cutters but am always afraid of cutting off a finger. ;)

    i want to talk about PR&P with youuuuuu! i especially want to know which decade you've chosen...i'm still deciding but have a couple ideas. project runway people get to talk in the workroom!

  3. I have an old school paper cutter that my sister saved from a garbage dump for me.....and brought it to my classroom when I taught.

    It was the best gift ever!


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