Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Knitted Headband

I felt about knitting, the way many people have told me they feel about sewing.  I longingly adored hand-knit creations, but thanks to a frustrating first attempt years ago, it seemed tricky and mysterious and totally overwhelming.


Still, I admired all the intricate projects I saw come across my instagram feed, and hoped I might have a chance to sit down and figure it out at some point. So when Kollabora gave me a chance to try out their Newbie Knitted Headband Kit-- I said yes. Let's do this thing! Because I'm 32 and its time to stop being afraid right?

Kollabora is a new company that hosts online sewing, jewelry, and knitting tutorials, with a handy link to purchase all, or most, of the supplies you need to complete it.  The headband tutorial includes step by step videos showing each step of the process which was the key to my success. I could watch each step over a few times and then try it slowly. 

I had a few hiccups along the way. The first several rows were kind of wonky and we had a few snafus when Avery picked up my needles when I wasn't looking and tried her hand at it. Luckily I got the hang of it in the middle and so the front of my headband looks good. And the loopiness is forgiving enough that the back isn't terrible despite my mistakes.

So knitting. Sure you could easily buy something like this, but it was so gratifying to make it. Especially for Avery who excitedly watched and anticipated her very special cozy headband. Plus, this way I was able to pick out the exact shade of blue that matched her eyes. And well...that's kind of priceless right?

So how about it? Would you like to give knitting a try on Kollabora's dime?

For a chance to win your own kit, visit their site and then come back and leave a comment linking to your favorite project, and let me know what you like about it or why it inspires you.

I'll pick a winner from the comments on Friday. Deal?

*Giveaway Closed*


  1. Great job! Your little ones look so cute with it on!
    I just starting learning how to knit in November and I became obsessed. I just went to VKL in NYC last week and saw Kollabora. I'm glad you mentioned it again. So many great patterns and ideas. I love them all. My very favorite is that Country Afghan by Lion Brand. It's incredible! I can't wait to learn intarsia. I also really love the speckled hat and the knit pillow.

  2. I feel exactly the same as you about knitting! I tried once and gave up but I would so love to learn. I adore the yoshimi knit dress and the best thing is, it's billed as 'easy'. Woo hoo! :-)

  3. I'm still afraid. Stunning child photos though! XO

  4. How very cool! I would try the fingerless gloves or the hand warmers -- I target shoot and need my fingers free! What an exciting product!

  5. I want to make the fingerless gloves

  6. I love the Victoria Knit Cowl!

    I love the color of it. I love that its pink but not obnoxiously so which means I would actually wear it. And I love that it appears to be an easy enough pattern that I can do it without stressing but yet its something to break me out of the habit of making nothing but hats :-). I've only been knitting for about a month but I am definitely hooked

  7. I love the braided headband ( , but it looks way past my level. I'm trying to learn.

    rebekahricker (at) yahoo (dot) com

  8. Seriously, that is the perfect shade of blue!!! And I'd have to try it for sure, if I won!

  9. Omigosh wow that first photo blew me away. You are so good. Love that you're knitting now too! So I'm not sure if it counts but my favorite "project" is the entire knitting techniques page. I just watched the purl stitch video and it's the clearest and best explanation I've ever seen. Yay! Thanks!

  10. I am a new knitter too & I'm (haha) to try a pair of socks, but those triangle socks seem way above my head, so I'd have to say I'd try the pink marshmallow slippers first. :)

  11. I'd give the Perfect Summer Market Bag a whirl...

  12. A is so stunning! You did awesome too. I am likewise afraid of knitting but would love to learn. I tried a couple of times but failed...Hopefully third times a charm!

    I would actually like to make the same headband that you did but with a leather cinch. I saw it on this page toward the bottom:


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