Thursday, August 9, 2012

Best Pediatrician Ever

(Alissa & her husband Ryan)

Fall is coming.

Can you feel it? Even though its still 100 degrees outside, the light is changing and that's how I always feel fall start to creep up.

If you have kids then chances are you are scrambling to get ready for back to school, and that often means a trip to the pediatrician for shots or checkups. I just made our appointment.

If you live in Utah and need a good pediatrician, I can't recommend my good friend Alissa Packer highly enough.

Here's why I like Alissa as a pediatrician:

She's a really good mom. I know from first-hand experience. And she treats my kids like she'd treat her own.

She listens and doesn't have a big ego. I mean, I'm not saying that doctors sometimes have big egos or anything, but Alissa is thoughtful, humble, and patient. She really listens to you as a parent and values your insight into your child. We do not parent exactly the same, but she supports my parenting choices and never makes me feel bad about them, but uses her medical knowledge and experience to augment my choices, and help me see what some of the outcomes of different parenting paths might look like.

She's friendly and kind to me and my children, which seems like it should be a given-- but with other pediatricians in the past, that hasn't always been the case. She genuinely enjoys what she does, and it shows. Plus her receptionists and MA's are super friendly too, and since the MA's are the one's wielding the needles-- that's really important to me.

So if you are in the market for a great doctor for your kids, give her a call at Southpoint Pediatrics.  Their office is newly renovated, clean, bright, and darling. And they have really really great extended office hours, which is just a huge convenient bonus.

Southpoint Pediatrics
9071 South 1300 West,
3rd Floor
West Jordan, Utah

And if you refer a friend during the month of August, Southpoint will give you a $25 gift card to Target. Think of all the pencils and notebooks you could buy with that!


  1. It’s definitely an advantage that you have a pediatrician friend because you can call on her anytime to have your kids checked up, especially during fall season when pediatricians are mostly busy. And it seems she’s really a good one, too, with the way you described her. Well, a pediatric should definitely be someone you can trust because your kids’ health depends on her.

  2. It’s nice to have a friendly and kind pediatrician. This is a good way to become comfortable with her. Once you become at ease with your pedia, that’s the moment when you can say that you really trust her. It won’t be difficult for you to confide whatever concerns you may have on your children's health with her.

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