Wednesday, September 19, 2007

show off

Um I made this...what a couple months ago? But I didn't post it then because I was starting to feel a bit ridiculous about all my baby stuff, seeing as I didn't actually have a baby.

...but now, yipee!

(I promise to post about something besides pregnancy and babies soon)

Anyway, It was really easy to make. I wonder how it will look after I wash it. I think I will make another one...what can I say? I am excited.

(ps. I lost the pink on my background because I felt like I was being biased. I am tyring to think very gender least for the next twelve weeks or so.)


  1. Here's what I love about blogs: they were designed for showing off. It's great.

    I looooove that onesie and want to make some!

    And I hope you are throwing up less today than yesterday.


  2. Can you wash it and let us know how it handles the laundry, then post the instructions? Maybe when you're feeling better. Cute baby stuff makes all the barfing worth it, no?

  3. Love it. And I love baby talk so keep it coming!

  4. I love the elephant! So you made the onsie and not just ironed on an elephant design? (Because then I may need more lessons from you than just quilting...)

  5. Adorable and so creative! Your baby will be loving the unique pieces in his/her wardrobe! You have to tell me how to do it. And that chair is called the Bumbo, and you have to get it! My sister Katie got it for me and Naomi LOVES it. Hang in there with the morning sickness. It was very hard to function. I never left the house besides work. And it was horrible having to puke at work :(

  6. You are oh so talented and creative! and I too want to make one!! It darling! let us in on the secret to making them!! While I still have time to do it!

  7. I agree..wash it and let us know how it come out, then post instructions. My best friend is having her first baby in March, and I'd LOVE to make her some of these. I hope you're feeling better!

    P.S. I think about your lovely apron every time I cook, wishing I had one. Any plans to make more?

  8. K, WOW...I am SO out of the loop?! Baby?!?! THAT IS MARVELOUS, my dear! Babies are "a few of my favorite things" (think "Sound of Music").
    I am thrilled.
    Okay...the onsie: you are so absolutely creative! Can I buy some off you? :) I am not kidding either. Love,


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