Tuesday, September 18, 2007


"There's a baby in there!"

(I felt really horrible that day, but nobody knew I was PG...I think that is why I decided to tell so early...so I didn't have to explain my odd behavior)

Oh I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their encouragement and advice. It really helps. It's amazing because today I am actually feeling relatively better (knock on wood). Liz, I did actually start taking Zofran because I did get to the point where I couldn't keep ANYTHING down, and was getting dehydrated etc. I guess you have to reach to point where the benefits of a medication outweigh the risks. I feel like I am there.

Which brings me to my next point.

Does anyone know of anyone, or have themselves taken Zofran when they are pregnant? If so I would like lots of reassuring stories about how normal and healthy your baby turned out, because I am really nervous about taking anything despite my doctor's reassurance that it is safe. It doesn't help that I work where all the babies who are not ok live. Anyway, thanks again for the advice...and keep it coming.


  1. I got nothin' but I hope other people are in the know and leave comments, 'cause I'm curious.

    Still celebrating your test victory,

  2. Two girls in my ward took Zofran, and they both had beautiful, healthy babies.

    (I linked to you from Emily. Nice to meet you, and congrats on your expectant state!)

  3. I already said this, but my one friend had much healthier babies with Zofran than without. My sister Kathryn took it for her last two (maybe three?) pregnancies and her kids are very healthy and bright. Don't worry yourself over it -- there are enough other things to worry about when you're pregnant :O)

  4. I'm Liz's sis-in-law and I took Zofran during my 2nd pregnancy (after throwing up waaay too much during my first pregnancy) and I have a happy, healthy baby boy. I found that a half a pill often worked best for me.

  5. I have friends that took it and their babies are healthy as can be!

  6. I linked over here from a friend's blog, and you look SO familiar. Is your husband named Travis? He looks super familiar too and for some reason that name popped into my head. Anyway, I'm sure we had some BYU something together. I was an English major and a poly sci minor--did you take 472? I also TA'd a million classes, so figuring out connections with people can become pretty impossible. But in short, I like reading your blog and I feel slightly less creepy for doing so because I think I might have once known you in the non-virtual world.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Zofran is fine. That's from a medical standpoint!

  8. I am the queen of taking Zofran. I can't have any more kids because I through up so much and I have taken tons of different medicines for puking while pregnant. I might be the one Liz is talking about. I had two healthy girls, maybe a little too healthy (one was 10 and a half pounds!) Have you tried half of a Unisom pill and some B-6? It worked for some. They told us there weren't any side effects ( I even got injections of it)


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