Wednesday, June 4, 2008

bird bath

our little bird LOVES to take a bath!

she likes to splash and play and kick her little legs

her sweet face is bright-- with eyes wide and mouth open the whole time

and when she's done she loves to wrap up in the cute towel her daddy bought her before she was born

and we love her!


  1. coming from a Bird, she's the cutest bird I've ever seen! How the little towel

  2. Her Daddy loved his bath, too. I remember his Grandma Dear laughing and laughing because he would splash water clear across the room! Auntie LeAnn

  3. Your little bird might be THE CUTEST little bird I've ever seen. She is absolutely precious in that towel. I wish I could smell her through the screen.
    love you guys!!

  4. bath time is the best and she is adorable

  5. I can't believe how cute she is! What kind of bath tub/baby washer did you get?

  6. So Sweet! She is getting so big. I love those little arm rolls!

  7. Sweet, sweet, sweet. She is such a darling.
    ps..don't you feel honored that Anne wrote a whole post just for you?!

  8. I actually posted the baguette recipe on my food blog:

    they really are great! and a minimum of time invested, which is great for mommies. :-)


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