Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I live for this stuff

Since Avery was born I have been living my life in a very,

"This may be my only baby girl and I don't want to regret not doing anything,"


And so I spend a little too much money on pretty little things for her. I keep the video camera at my bedside. I play tickle her belly instead of doing the dishes. (Ok I don't really need an excuse to not do dishes).

And I love it! I love feeling happy about my life. I love feeling like there is nothing else I would rather be doing in my life at this very moment then being her mother.

So call me crazy...I'm used to it, but I have already started planning her first birthday party.

Yes I know she's only four months old, and yes I know she will probably have little idea of what is going on, but I live for this kind of stuff, and I had to wait FIVE whole years of marriage before I got to unleash my inner mommy.

Do you want to see what I have so far?

(except I got the pink one, which was an agonizing decision...I wanted all three!)

Well this stuff plus an ever growing list of ideas. I'm serious. I have a word document titled "Avery's First Birthday". The cake, the fabrics, the music...

I can't wait!

But Shhh... Don't tell Avery.


  1. i wouldn't call it crazy, just really cute. and funny.

    loved the line about unleashing your inner mommy -- so funny!

    um, are we invited to this big birthday bash?


  2. you are hilarious! i want to come!

  3. While you are at it can you plan Spencers? My kids are getting jipped!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I want to be one of your kids!

  6. So cute! I planned Claire's party for months. Tim had to keep reminding me it wasn't a wedding reception, just a FIRST birthday party! There was a point where I was considering renting tables and chairs! Crazy! The first birthday party is mostly for the parents anyway.

  7. Oh my gosh! I'm starting to feel like what I have planned isn't that great! I feel so inadequate. I'm more into celebrating Charlie's placement day.. because that was a FABULOUS day! Maybe well have to have two parties!

    I'll help you make those paper globes since I'm an expert (made a TON of them for Pete and Britt's wedding - they are DARLING) I can whip them right out! And besides, sounds like you'll need a little help with your shin-dig! It's going to be awesome. I'm now assuming we're invited! You are a cute mommy.

    PS can I hire you to help with Charlie's #1, it's, like, right around the corner! I think I've been in denial that it's really happening and that my baby is growing up so fast, that I've pushed off thinking about it. And now I feel like it's coming straight at me at lightening speed! YickS!

  8. This post was so cute and funny and now I'm cracking up at Kate's comment. Kate, in case it makes you feel better, my kids' first birthdays are immediate family only, with maybe cupcakes made from a mix. Don't put any undue pressure on yourself! Everyone is different. All that being said, I was wishing I was Danielle's friend, not just friend-by-association, when I read and saw all of the fun she's planning. My poor kids have kind of a boring mom by comparison.

  9. Okay. What on earth is it with women and party throwing?! The same itch plagues me and once the planning commences there is not stopping me! Well, the budget definitely stops me...or shall I say my husband stops me! haha.
    She is going to have one posh first birthday. You are so cute, Danielle.

  10. Of course you would be planning a super chic birthday party! You are so creative and fun like that. I can't wait to see what you come up with! Have fun!

  11. Sounds like so much fun. We will put it on our calendar now so we don't miss it!

  12. I have to admit I went all out for Samm's first birthday, but my poor other kids are lucky to get a cake.

  13. I love it! Um, could you plan Zoe's party too :)

    Also, I can so relate to just soaking up this little one and letting everything else not get done. That's not usually how I live my life, but I realized very quickly and fast this babyhood was going to go by.


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