Tuesday, October 21, 2008



I have been a long time collector of stuff. Not just any stuff (OK well I collect that stuff too), but stuff that when I see it, makes me feel inspired. Stuff that I intend to someday turn into other, wonderful things.

I had a DI silver spoon collection in college that Anne will recall. I have several other little collections that my husband will recall.

And this stuff just makes me swoon. I get a euphoric high from just imagining all of the possibilities. The junky frames that could be painted in funky colors, the old sweaters that could become a quilt, or a toy, the lace that could adorn a slip and would look so cute peeking out the bottom, garage sale costume jewelry that will adorn Christmas gifts perfectly with some velvet ribbon. Little pieces of everyday life that just make my imagination come alive.

The problem is that I don't always get around to completing my projects. Partly because there is only so much time.

But partly because sometimes the anticipation of what the treasured item will become is so fun, that if I actually do something with it, I won't be able to dream about all of the other things it could have become. There is also the chance that what I end up making won't be quite as great as it is in my imagination.

Actually, I once dated someone who posed that same scenario about relationships. Deep.

I got this dress at a huge warehouse clearance sale that my friend Kate invited me to. It's from J.Crew, and I am seriously in love with it. I am giddy with possibilities. All of those yards and yards of soft orange linen... I can hardly contain myself. I love you Orange Dress.

But what will you become.... A dust ruffle? An autumn table cloth? A refashioned skirt? Pillow shams? An ottoman slipcover? You'd go perfectly with some fabric I have been spying.

And if my bosoms weren't so (I am trying to think of a more eloquent word for big here), and I could fit them beneath the 3 inches of fabric they were allowed by your design...I think that I would just put you on and wear you around...maybe to the grocery store, because why not? Or out for a walk so I could swish your wonderfully excessive ruffles in the wind.


If you wonder what I do with my spare time...It's this.

Stay tuned for the "after".


  1. fabulous!!! i can't wait to see your creation.

  2. I love it. Can't wait to see what you make of it.

  3. I'm glad to see the dress-mannequin making a cameo here. I also enjoyed it as a Christmas tree. :)

  4. OOh I love that dress. I would really love to wear that dress. I know you'll do something fabulous with it though.

  5. Ohhh, I was actually thinking of your orange dress after I left you. Mostly thinking, "what ever is she going to do with all that dress??" I've been so curious! Those ideas you listed are wonderfully amazing (of course!) Shopping with you is fun. You just never know what you are going to pick out! I'm so boring. Jeans, some belts and a down coat for the chief. Glad you came with me!

    Can't wait to see what you create. But if it takes you a while, it sure looks fab on that dress form!

  6. Very intriguing! Can't wait to see the result your creativity!

  7. You're so cool, we need to hang out more. Thursday a group of us are going to see the Witches at Gardner Village, you know they have a great fabric shop there. I think we're meeting at 1:30P.

  8. Wait....I forgot the word "of"....the result of your creativity....Oh, sheesh, where is the edit button?

  9. ummm. i also LOVE the orange dress. can it turn into my christmas present? it doesn't want to be cut up, look how PRETTY it is! i'll get you some more orange linen?

  10. I just got done reading a smackload of posts (did that make any sense?), and I love reading your posts. I really do. I also love that dress! Everytime I see dresses like that I think, "I wish I could wear those. I mean I can wear those, but it's just not the same with a T-shirt underneath. *Sigh*." And another thing, I want to know where you and Kate found this warehouse sale. It seems like Kate is in the know of every single fun sales event in the valley.

  11. HAHAHA, Sister. I actually read the "of". LeAnn

    I have no imagination so I can't see that dress being anything other than gorgeous on Vanessa (or me)!!

  12. ooh la la! She is lovely...her and all her creamsicle loveliness :) I think you should wear her! Why make her into something else when she is SO delightfully feminine and happy!? Oh, right...that is half the fun.
    Keep in mind a good sports bra might do the trick ;) It does for me at least--sometimes, that is.

  13. Ah, this sounds like me...my husband really dislikes all those boxes of my "collections." Sometimes it seems like they are from a different life. But now you have given me a great excuse to never complete the projects I dream up....because they could never live up to my dreams. Now I can be content to just dream away. Good luck with the linen. Think of all the cute linen knickers, dreses, etc you could make for Avery....and you as well.

  14. If you really want to wear it yourself:

    1. Cut a bit off the bottom, cut them into strips long enough to cover your boobies plus seam allowance on each end.

    2. Rip out the hem, press and stitch strips together. Press seams open. Add pin tucks, decorative embroidery (machine or by hand), top stitching on either side of the seams catching the pressed-open seams underneath or any other possible techniques to embellish and to hide the patching stripes.

    3. Open up the space between the two bands above and below the bossom in the front and remove the strip of fabric.

    4. With the help of a friend, put on the dress, fit the new piece of fabric in the open front space, using gathers, pleats, or darts to make it fit in and look lovely. Pin in place under the top and bottom bands.

    5. Remove dress, mark seam line with chalk or other removable or disappearing marking pen. Remove piece from front of dress, add seam allowance beyond the marked seam line and trim off.

    6. Place your new bossom in place between the top and bottom bands, tucking them into the bands to hide the raw edges. Attach by top stitching, blind stitching by hand or with hand embroidery or blanket stitch.

    7. More idea instructions if the chest measurement is also too small. Just let me know.


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