Thursday, November 12, 2009



So my dress didn't win, but there are some really cute dresses that did.
Check them out, and vote for your favorite.
I like #1, 2, 11, and 12.

(As an aside, and not to be too sour grapey, but I am surprised by a few of the finalists that were chosen...a few seem like we have seen them already 100 times. I clicked the links to several people who had entered and left comments and were not chosen and there were so many really interesting dresses that I would have love to have seen make it. Oh well.)

It's funny because it seems they have a sort of specific silhouette in mind...more of a pencil skirt 1940's influence and I am kicking myself for not just sketching up the one that I had in mind.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda.

Anyway, I thought this was so fun!


  1. some of those dresses were definitely note-worthy...others, not so much. yours could have (and SHOULD have) been on that final list. if only your dress had made it's debut in v's wedding....sigh. since this whole 'dress-sewing-thingy' is way out of my league, i am making a request for a post regarding a craft that i am capable of. please. so i can copy it. obviously.

  2. well i feel sour about this. i genuinely think your dress beats the pants off most of those. and it is so much easier to see what a dress is going to look like with those that were actually made. it's hard to tell from a sketch.

    anyway,shouldn't you be on project runway or something?


  3. My vote is for #1 & 4, and yours of course!OX, Mom

  4. I agree with this whole post and thought yours should have easily made the top 15. Or perhaps, even better, you and I should start our own line :)

  5. Darn! I love your dress and totally think it should have made the finals. I'm feeling sour for sure.

  6. I like yours better than most of those. I would buy yours any day.

  7. I liked your dress. It was way more original that most of the ones in the finals. And you actually made it - I wasn't as impressed by the dresses that were just a sketch. Sketching a dress is not at all the same as actually figuring out how to draft up the pattern and make it.

    Good job for giving it a go though. Putting yourself out there isn't easy.

    Love you,

  8. I wasn't that impressed with the finalists - can't believe they didn't pick yours. My only thought would be that it's too involved for their price point?
    I liked #11 best of the ones there.

  9. About half of those finalist dresses were really dopey and boring I thought. There were a couple really fun ones though. Seriously though, some of them were really, really lame. Did I say that already? I loved your dress. Bummer, I would have bought one.

  10. I looked at the finalists and was suprised for sure that yours was not included. There were some that I was not so fond of myself. It was fun to see you at the wedding. We will have to catch up soon!

  11. oh, darn! i'm still proud of you - always better to have tried :)
    i think you should go pitch that design to another dress-maker.

    it is so cute.

    p.s. will we get to see a few of ness's wedding pictures on this blog? i hope so!

    miss you

  12. I can't believe they picked some of those dresses over yours! I totally would have bought it.


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