Thursday, November 15, 2007

Onesie Tutoral (sort of)

A few months ago I posted a picture of a onesie that I made and a few people asked me to explain how I did it. So here are the instructions, and I really hope they make sense. It's a fun project, easy to do, and you don't need a sewing machine. The whole project really hinges on this fusible webbing, which I have learned can also be used to bond paper to fabric, or paper to paper. OK here is the kind I can get it at a fabric or craft store (Getting the double stick kind makes it a whole bunch easier):

Next you will need any scraps of fabric that strike you fancy. Just make sure you wash and press them first (oh also, wash your onesies!).
And pick a contrasting embroidery floss to finish your design.
OK, this is the tricky part. you will want to cut out a design that you like and think might look cute on a onesie. I would recommend choosing one that is pretty simple and that doesn't have too many little points or details (it makes the stitching part hard). I found some cute animal templates here, but really anything could work...a cookie cutter, a coloring book, or draw something.

Next you trace your design onto the fusible webbing (it comes with paper on the outside that you will peel away), and cut it out. This part is pretty easy, just make sure you pay attention to which way you want your shape to face on the finished onesie. After you trace and cut out the shape on the webbing, peel away one side of the paper and stick it to the WRONG side of your fabric (I use this particular webbing because it has just enough stick to keep it in place while cutting). Then cut your fabric piece out around the webbing. It is important to cut right up against the webbing so when it comes time to iron, your edges will stay put. Now, peel away the remaining paper from the webbing

Place your shape face down on your onesie, and iron.

Then you repeat all the previous steps if you have a second piece of fabric in your design. Be careful when you iron not to fray the edges of your fabric. Just push down on the iron, and don't do a lot of side to side motion.

Now your design should be nice and stuck in place. I used three strings of embroidery floss to sew around the edges (it comes with six total), but you can use however many you want. Just keep in mind that you are sewing through two layers of fabric and a layer of glue, so it can get a little hard to get the needle through with lots of thread. Another thing you could do is zigzag around the edge with a sewing machine (I think it might be quicker).

I added a little button eye to this friend, but can do whatever you want! And in case you are wondering, I washed mine and it came out looking great.

So there you go. I hope you have fun with this. Email me if you have any questions, at


Oh, and for those of you who are waiting for the onsies I have promised...they are coming;)


  1. Yay! I was curious about how to make those when you posted before...they're so cute and look fun (i.e. not too hard) to do.

  2. i want a onsie promised to me! or at least make me one when when i have a baby...whenever that is.

    oh, idea: you could stitch the baby's name on it too if you know it.

  3. You just made my night! My best friend is having a baby in March with a shower in Jan. I bought the design fabric last month and have been waiting for your directions :) Now I just have to order the onesies online (she's requesting organic cotton only).

  4. Oh, that does look easy and FUN too! The whale looks FABULOUS!!! (I had no doubts!)I love the step by step instructions and the cool photos too...

    I wish I lived up the street from you so I could come see them in real life...

    Can we stop by and see you on our way down or up from St. G? We'll call you.

  5. you amaze. the whale is perfect. thanks for these easy-to-follow instructions. I'm wanting to make some stockings this year (out of felt and rick-rack) and I wish you could be my mentor. miss you. love.

  6. This looks awesome! I can't wait to make some!

  7. Super cute! A very well done on the tutorial. I'm impressed!

  8. I'm so glad you posted this! This is absolutely adorable, and I don't think I ever would have thought about making them myself! I think I'll have to do some matching ones for both my girls!

  9. Thanks for posting this! Alissa gave me the link and we are going to make them at a baby shower!


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